VAT Added to HMRC’s Online Services

HMRC have announced that they have added a VAT view liabilities and payments feature to their Business Tax Dashboard and VAT online services.

Under the changes made to the dashboard users will now be able to see their tax position across different business taxes; which will give registered users the opportunity to see details of payments made and amounts owed.

The changes will also allow registered users to see either corporation tax or self-assessment information – depending on which is applicable – as well as viewing information on VAT and PAYE for employers.

In addition to giving business users the opportunity to see their overall position for each tax, as well as more detailed information – the dashboard is also set to show information regarding what HMRC owes the business, interest on any late payments, penalties incurred and direct debit plans.

Although business can use a Business Tax Dashboard at any point, they will be required to register for the HMRC Online Services, which can be done through the HMRC website.

By registering, users are able to take full advantage of the dashboard and online services offered by HMRC; including viewing corporation tax information for accounting periods from 1 October 1993 onwards; Self Assessment information for the tax year 1996-97 onwards and PAYE information for employers, for the tax year 2010-11 onwards.

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