Women Starting Businesses Get A Boost

Crowdfunding platform, Host of Ideas, has launched a new award scheme for women who start up and run businesses anywhere in the world, with an extra award to be presented for the start-up with the best new app.

The competition opened on July 1st and closes on September 30. Entered ideas will be judged by a panel of international investors and entrepreneurs and in addition to the prestige of winning the award there is a cash prize of $7,500 for the winning venture.

Startups can be well-established or still conceptual, products or services, software or apps or anything else. The only criteria are that the venture must be for profit and have a woman in a founding or leading role with less than £1.3m in investment.

The judges will then sift the applications and the top five pitches will be presented to a judging panel at Hub Westminster in October, to be further examined by experts such as Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig.com.

Host of Ideas, which was launched this year by Will Andrews and Georgie Weedon, operates globally, with offices in London, the US and India and it aims to bring both ideas and investment around the world,

One of its unique selling points is that all Host of Ideas investors must be accredited, which ensures that they can adequately assess the risks and rewards involved in underwriting a business.

Speaking of the inaugural ‘Female Founders Challenge 2012’, former Al-Jazeera launch team member Weedon says, “It’s great to be able to stake a flag in the ground and see what female start-up talent we can find. Female Founders is … our first talent treasure hunt…”

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