GoCardless allows you to automatically collect payments for your invoices by taking funds directly from your customers’ bank accounts.

Your clients may prefer this popular method of payment, as it’s an easy alternative to bank transfers and card payments.

Bank to bank payments cut out the cost of card networks. In addition, the automation process reduces the costs involved in chasing and managing payments.

GoCardless is simple to set up – you send your customers an invoice through your normal accounting software, with a GoCardless option attached. Once your customers click the ‘pay now’ button, they fill in the details in a simple form, and that’s them set up.

You can then schedule payments as normal, and once you select ‘GoCardless’ as the payment method, the funds are debited from your customer’s account.

If you would like any further information about GoCardless and how it can help your business, please contact our Business Innovation team.

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