Milsted Langdon breaks new ground by entering the Metaverse

We have become one of the first accountancy practices in the UK to venture into the Metaverse – marking a significant step in the digital evolution of professional services.

We have been approved for a prominent billboard advertisement in Decentraland, one of the world’s leading Metaverse platforms, which is renowned for its blockchain-based economy and virtual reality experiences.

This pioneering move not only positions us at the forefront of digital innovation in the accountancy sector but also aligns with our firm’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology.

The advertisement directs users to Milsted Langdon’s specialised Crypto tax page, offering insights and services tailored to the burgeoning world of digital currency.

Decentraland, known for its high-quality 3D rendering, presents an ideal platform for Milsted Langdon’s innovative advertising venture.

It stands as a hub for users using the latest gaming computers and VR headsets to explore the power of the blockchain. It offers a diverse range of experiences from gaming and live entertainment to virtual real estate and a decentralized economy.

Jon Stocker, Partner at Milsted Langdon, said: “This is an interesting and exciting move for our firm and will reach out to an audience who are involved in the world of crypto assets and digital currencies.

“Having a presence in Decentraland’s vibrant and interactive environment reflects our desire to innovate and do something different in what remains a very traditional industry.”

Our entry into the Metaverse signals a transformative phase in the accountancy sector, reflecting the firm’s dedication to staying ahead of technological trends and meeting clients where they are increasingly active.

“We think that this move underlines our firm’s readiness to explore and harness new platforms in this new digital frontier,” added Jon.

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